Easy Steps To Create A Sports Highlight Video – A Complete Guide

If you have ever chosen to watch the key points of a football or cricket match than the entire event, you know the importance of highlight videos. Most people who work on such content often battle stiff deadlines, forcing them to approach different means to stay creative under pressure.

A sports highlight video essentially summarizes the takeaways and significant moments of an event into comprehensive, short clips so that viewers can get an idea of what all happened without having to watch the whole thing.

Sports highlight videos should be short but not boring. In this guide, we discuss how to create wonderful highlight videos that are impactful and engaging in some easy steps. Click here for a Free gif generator by Adobe Express.

Plan The Highlight Video

A sports highlight video can be created in one of the two ways – you can either use existing footage of an event, watch it and edit it to turn it into an engaging video, or create the video from scratch, which involves planning.

Planning a sports highlight video is different from planning any other type of video, as you need to rely on the live event’s schedule rather than planning the shots at your convenience.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, you must know the event schedule. You can stay prepared for the type of shots you will take, the challenges you may face, and the angles you want to film. You also need to have the right equipment and power backup for a smooth filming experience.

Film The Highlight Video

When shooting for a sports highlight video, you want to make sure you capture a number of shots from different angles.

For example, if you shoot a player scoring a winning goal, you want to get that from multiple angles to highlight the moment well in your video. This is why it helps to have another videographer or a team.

Also, you should not miss crowd reactions when capturing a highlight video. The viewers’ reactions help add emotion and depth to the video’s narrative.

As a general rule, the more footage you capture, the more content you have to play around with during your edit. One way to make your editing easier is to note the number of clips recording significant moments.

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Edit The Video

This is the most crucial step of creating a highlight video, as editing can make or break a piece of video content. To make your job easier and hassle-free, you can consider using an intuitive online editor that packs all the functionalities you need for basic editing and fine-tuning.

The first thing you want to do is trim unwanted parts of your sports highlight video. You can upload the video and view it on the timeline to easily select unwanted portions you want to remove. After selecting the fragments, you can use the trim tool or delete the frames individually.

You can also split the video and make other changes. It is also possible to bring together multiple videos; ensure they have the same aspect ratio and dimensions.

Sports highlight videos generally have different speeds for different sections; some actions are in slow motion while others are fast-forwarded. To do this, you can select the section in the timeline and use the settings for ‘Speed and Duration’ to change the speed.

Make Advanced Edits

Most of the online editing tools come loaded with a user-friendly interface that lets you complete basic edits in no time. However, you can also use their advanced options to focus on specific parts of the video and make further changes to meet your requirements.

A sports highlight video often demands freezing moments. Your editor should allow you to select a frame and freeze it for the duration you like.

You can also apply a variety of transitions to your clips and even close unnecessary gaps between them. Most tools even have a library of effects and overlays that help you add a pleasing, consistent appeal to the video.

In recent days another new and highly impactful trend is to make a timelapse video with your raw sports highlight footage. This adds plenty of value in keeping audiences hooked by speeding up the boring parts while still providing the necessary context when executed well.

Lastly, you can use the editing tool to add sound or voiceover to your video. You can add background music from the editor’s library or any other source. As highlight videos generally have voiceovers, you can use the program’s recording function to add narration.

Export In The Desired Format

Once your sports highlight video is ready, you can either share it on any platform directly from the editing software or save it to your computer in various formats. Most video editors give you the option of exporting the completed project in your desired format and resolution for further usage.

Useful Tips To Follow When Creating A Sports Highlight Video

Making a sports highlight video with a feature-rich tool is quite easy. However, to be creating videos like a pro, here are some useful tips you should consider.

Keep it short

One of the first things you can do to enhance the appeal of your sports highlight video is to keep it short.

Ensure that you include only the event’s highlights to keep it interesting enough to retain the viewers’ attention. The aim should eliminate any unwanted footage and keep it as crisp and short as possible.

Use slow motion

Some sports are so fast-paced that viewers can miss out on key details. A sports highlight video should freeze some frames and apply a slow-motion effect to certain clips to make sure they are showcased in the best way.

Pick the best clips

When you film a sports event, make sure you list the best moments you think your viewers will enjoy.

It is also good to focus on the skills you find the most impressive and highlight them in the video.

Final Thoughts

A highlight video can help you unlock the hidden potential when trying to promote a sports event while opening doors to newer opportunities.

With this guide, it should be easy for you to understand how to create a sports highlight video using a powerful video editor that saves you time and helps come up with content that captures attention and makes an impact.

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