What To Do If You Get Into A Slip And Fall Accident?

The number of slip and fall accident cases has been rising. It could be tough to deal with the accident and manage everything else accordingly. The victim may not be at fault for the accident, but it would be more helpful to be aware of what should be done after a slip and fall accident. One can also seek assistance from an Atlanta negligent security lawyer to deal with the situation. 

Most slip and fall accidents occur due to the negligence of the property owners. The land could be a mall, parking lot, commercial building, residential apartment, etc. While you won’t be at fault for the accident, the steps for ensuring your well-being would be essential. 

  • Medical help 

It may sound obvious but seeking medical help immediately after an accident is necessary. The victim must ensure to seek medical assistance and treat their injuries if any. The victim also maintains the medical records since they could be used as evidence during the legal proceeding of the case. These records can also help the victim apply for a claim with their insurance company. 

  • Informing local authorities

Irrespective of the place of the accident, the victim must report it to the property owner and legal authorities. If possible, the victim must take the matter written from the owner. You should contact a negligent security lawyer in Atlanta if the owner denies accepting fault. 

  • Documentation

The victim must note the potential witnesses with information such as names, addresses, contact details, etc. These witnesses can provide statements that could help the victim prove their claim. Lastly, the victim should not forget to take pictures of the incident for evidence bagging. Photographic evidence and CCTV footage would be most helpful to prove the liability

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  • Avoiding statements 

It might be possible that the victim may have communicated with the insurance company’s owner about the claim. The victim must always avoid giving a statement that could harm their case in such cases. Otherwise, the victim may decide to claim from the insurance company, and the owner may misuse the statements for false accusations. 

  • Hiring an attorney

Hiring a skilled law professional has become essential in accident cases. It is because most of the possibilities include fault or liability from a different party or entity. One should contact an attorney when they want to pursue legal action against the defaulter or during the claim from the insurance company. 

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