What Compensation Are You Entitled To If You Have Been Injured By A Defective Truck?

Designing, manufacturing, and warning defects in trucks can often lead to accidents. The law enables victims to hold the truck manufacturer liable for their damages by filing a compensation claim. Without the proper compensation, their future security and finances are at stake. 

Defective truck claims can be confusing when you lack the right legal expertise. The presence of a qualified Atlanta defective truck lawyer can ensure that all your damages are taken into consideration while evaluating a fair claim. They prevent your claim from being denied or dismissed. 

What compensation can you receive?

There is no set amount of compensation. The value depends entirely on the damages that you have suffered. The compensation attempts to put you in a similar position as you were before the accident took place through financial compensation. In most circumstances, the victim is awarded economic and non-economic damages. These include:

  • Medical costs. 

Head-on collisions can have a significant impact on the victim’s physical health. Faulty seat belts or airbags in defective vehicles often worsen the consequences. Victims may require diagnosis and extensive treatment for injuries. Common injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones. The compensation covers medical expenses such as hospital bills, surgeries, medications, and physical therapy. 

  • Property damage. 

Trucks are large vehicles, and the damage they cause to your vehicle is far more significant than that you would suffer in a car accident. The cost of repairing or replacing vehicles is high, and you are compensated for it. You can also be compensated for personal property damaged in the collision, such as phones. 

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  • Pain and suffering. 

The victim also has to endure psychological pain after the accident as they cope with the life-altering changes. Many car accident victims show symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder that disrupt their daily lives. They are monetarily compensated for their emotional pain and suffering, which they would not have had to go through had the accident not occurred. 

  • Loss of quality of life. 

Being in an accident can significantly deteriorate the victim’s quality of life. They may suffer from physical as well as mental pain, anguish, distress, and fear. They may also be unable to do things they once enjoyed because of the accident. 

Choosing the right lawyer in Atlanta ensures that the process involved in seeking compensation is smoother and less stressful for you. They are aware of a reduced claim’s consequences on your future and work dedicatedly to help you seek your rightful claim.

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