Stay Creative Even Under Academic Pressure

The pandemic is not ending anytime sooner, and expecting to go outside like the previous times is almost like a dream. Not just students and teachers, everyone has been deeply affected by the present situations. All of them can’t find motivation. Let’s admit it no one likes to think positively when the environment suggests otherwise. How can a student still manage to be creative under all this academic pressure? Everything is possible with a willingness, and an urgency to learn.

The need for creativity

Our learning environments have changed dynamically in the past few years. Education was already becoming digitalized before the pandemic. However, it has become a requirement rather than a simple suggestion. Beginning from children in kindergarten level to professionals, everyone has shifted to attending online classes. It is already innovative enough, what is the need for more creativity? Here is why;

  • Students use not only their hands but also their brains to solve problems
  • They visualize the subject matter better
  • They can practice question papers and think outside the box
  • There is better engagement among students and teachers
  • Ease in communication leads to better learning, with no barriers to asking doubts
  • The unfamiliarity with digital platforms fades away
  • Students can accept the new normal and even expand beyond that, making use of the advantages available by online learning platforms through the best app for online teaching

Eliminate distractions

Your brain can focus on only one thing at a time for enhanced understanding and learning. If your room is set in such a way that too many things are present beside or in front of your desk you might want to change it up a little. Initially, students think that it is creative to have a board full of deadlines and examination dates right in front of their eyes. This does not work out for every student, sometimes it makes them more anxious. A panicked student will not have the opportunity to learn better, let alone have creative thoughts.

Surprisingly, your study table is not the only workplace. You keep absorbing information from everywhere. Sometimes when you sit on your laptop to attend online classes, you might be bugged constantly by WhatsApp or discord notifications. Although discord is a readily adapted platform where a lot of students can get together at one time to engage in academic matters also, you can make a point to quit all these apps and focus only on your lessons. This tip will come to use later on when you make personal notes and revise whatever has been taught.

There are several phases throughout your day, where your mind remains the most active in the morning. It can be different for other students. Use the time when you feel the most motivated, and make the best out of it.

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Make learning fun

When you view the deadlines as not an impending loom but simply at the time it is assigned to you to make assignments look perfect, half of your problems are already solved. Students procrastinate more rather than getting to work immediately. It is wise to give yourself a deadline which is an hour or two hours before the final one so that you still have some time left and feel good about having achieved something before the final ring. Working on projects is better this way, you start early, you finish early, and you feel great about being productive throughout.

It is needless to say that you should choose while opting for courses based on your passion and interest, this is the only way of having fun while studying. You get to know the things you are curious about, and you become more creative in visualizing and learning information.

Take a break

You must be tired of all educational applications stressing about taking a break. To put it constructively, it is not a very good idea to take constant breaks before an examination or when you have an assignment due. but when you are preparing for your semesters or grades throughout the year, you need to have small as well as long gaps in between your study sessions. When you are entirely refreshed, it is easier for you to absorb notes. 

A lot of creativity goes into taking a break, you can have a 5-minute exercise session, or go have your lunch and call it a break! Apart from this, you can make your time of educational tools with the help of flashcards or games like scampers. Go back to your childhood and find out what games you loved, use them in your real life to have a better online classes experience.

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