Working with injury attorneys in Los Angeles: Top tips!

A sudden, impactful accident can cause serious trauma and injuries. There are also other instances when people have suffered injuries because of the other party’s fault. Typical examples of personal injury cases include auto accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, nursing home abuse, and product liability claims. For most of these cases, you cannot junk the need for legal advice and counsel. If you are looking for injury attorneys Los Angeles, we have a few tips below for your help. 

Consult an injury attorney in person

Most law firms In LA offer free consultation meetings for potential clients. Don’t settle for a conversation on the phone. Instead, talk to an experienced lawyer in person to discuss what your claim is worth. Here are some common questions you can ask during the meeting – 

  • How long have you been practicing? Do you specialize in personal injury law?
  • What do you think of my case? How strong is my claim?
  • What is your experience with similar cases?
  • What can I possibly expect in a settlement?
  • What factors are likely to impact the outcome?

Be honest with your lawyer

California’s laws related to shared fault are quite claimant-friendly. For instance, if you were 70% at fault for an auto accident and were given $200,000 in a settlement, you could still recover $60,000. In this case, you managed to sue the other party even with a higher fault share. This only happens in “pure comparative fault” states, and California is one of them. However, it is absolutely necessary to hire an attorney and talk to them honestly about the accident. If you were partly to blame for causing the mishap, your fault share would be a factor in determining the final settlement. Let your lawyer know so that they can work on the legal strategy accordingly. 

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Ask about expenses

Your lawyer will usually charge a part of the settlement as their fee for fighting the case. In the legal world, this is called a contingency fee. However, there are other possible expenses of the case, including court costs, traveling expenses, services of experts, and investigation costs. If you are unable to pay for these costs, let the lawyer know. In many circumstances, the lawyer may agree to help you with these expenses, which you must pay later. These expenses are usually payable even if you lose the case.

Call an experienced injury lawyer in LA now for a free case assessment.

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