Which Therapy is Best for Chronic Back Pain?

Back pain poses a dangerous threat to your comfort and quality of life. Besides the severe pain it causes, back pain may also hinder you from achieving your daily goals and participating in the activities you love. Back pain remains one of the most common complaints among senior citizens and sometimes even young people. It may be mild or severe and felt in any part of the lower, middle, or upper back. Back pain may be sudden (from accidents and other traumatic events) or develop slowly due to aging and other degenerative diseases. You may experience back pain due to several factors, including injury, ailments, and other medical conditions.

Treatment methods such as pain medications may offer temporary relief from chronic back pain, but this solution does not last long because it does not address the root cause. Physical therapy is one of the best therapies for chronic back pain in McKinney, TX. This article will discuss the role of physical therapy at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers – McKinney Coit West and its techniques in treating chronic back pain.

Types of Back Pain

There are different types of back pain, depending on their causal factors. Some of the most common types of back pain include:

  • Acute back pain: This kind of pain is sudden and intense. However, it only lasts a short period, usually about a few days to a few weeks. The lumbar region (lower back) is the most common location where people feel acute back pain. This pain worsens with certain positions or movements. Despite the short duration of acute back pain, it can affect your daily activities. Acute back pain occurs suddenly due to trauma or injury, such as muscle strains, ligament sprains, herniated discs, etc.

  • Chronic back pain: This kind of pain is the main focus of this article. It is significantly different from acute back pain because of the duration it lasts for. Chronic pain is persistent and may be recurrent. It lasts 12 weeks at least and can continue for weeks or even months. Chronic pain can be mild sometimes but severe at other times. It affects physical function and mobility. Chronic pain is due to medical factors and other underlying conditions most times.

  • Mechanical back pain: This is the most common type of back pain. Specialists consider it non-specific because there is no particular cause for this type of pain. Mechanical pain may begin in the muscles, joints, ligaments, intervertebral discs, and other spinal structures. It may start mildly but worsen with some movements and activities. Factors contributing to mechanical back pain include poor posture, repetitive motion, overuse, etc.

These are some of the most common types of back pain. You may experience any of these types of pain due to injury, sickness, lifestyle choices, medical conditions, etc.

Physical Therapy for Chronic Back Pain in McKinney, TX

Physical therapy is a healthcare practice that aims to reduce pain and improve movement in people who have suffered disabling injuries or diseases. Physical therapy in McKinney, TX, employs physical methods to promote, maintain, or restore physical health. Before applying treatment techniques for chronic back pain, a physical therapist comprehensively evaluates the patient’s condition and goals for treatment. The therapist uses the results of the evaluation process to develop a customized treatment plan that matches the patient’s needs and goals.

Some common treatment interventions employed by physical therapy for chronic back pain include therapeutic exercises, patient education and self-management strategies, manual therapy, and postural education with ergonomic training.

Other modalities that physical therapists may employ to treat chronic back pain include heat/cold therapy, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, etc. Physical therapy is the best treatment therapy for chronic back pain. It is non-invasive, very effective, and lacks side effects or complications.

Other treatment methods for chronic back pain include medications and surgery.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Several factors may cause back pain. Strains and sprains are some of the most common causes. You can strain your back muscles due to overexertion, sudden movements, and improper lifting techniques. You can also sprain the ligaments supporting the spine by performing activities or movements that exceed your normal range of motion. Muscle strains and ligament sprains may result in chronic back pain.

Poor posture is another popular cause of chronic back pain due to improper body mechanics and poor sitting/standing posture.

Furthermore, traumatic events, such as falls, motor accidents, and sports injuries, can put undue pressure or force on the spine, leading to fractures, soft tissue injuries, and other musculoskeletal injuries. These conditions lead to chronic back pain.

Bulging intervertebral discs can cause back pain, too. Rubbery disks exist between the spine’s bones (vertebrae). These disks act as shock absorbers and are filled with jelly-like fluid to make the spine more flexible. However, these discs may rupture or slip out of place, compressing the surrounding nerves and causing severe back pain.

Finally, as people age, every part of their body is susceptible to wear and tear from overuse. The intervertebral disks are also affected as they lose hydration and structural integrity. This degeneration may lead to severe back pain.

Other factors that may lead to chronic back pain include spinal stenosis, arthritis, muscular imbalances, osteoporosis, myofascial pain, sedentary lifestyle choices, occupational factors, psychological factors, etc. Risk factors for developing chronic back pain include obesity, lack of regular physical activity or exercise, stress, age, genetics, psychological conditions, occupational risks, smoking, etc.


Chronic back pain is a critical condition that may dictate an individual’s overall quality of life. It may affect how a person performs their daily activities and hinder them from participating in certain activities. Chronic back pain also causes unbearable discomfort. While there are several treatment options for chronic back pain, physical therapy is the best treatment method. Physical therapy is effective and does not have side effects or lead to future complications. Therefore, you should consider undergoing physical therapy at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers – McKinney Coit for your chronic back pain.