What Is CGPA Score?

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In the realm of education, the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is a pivotal metric that reflects a student’s overall academic performance. This article delves into the intricacies of CGPA, its conversion to percentage, and the key elements that define a student’s educational journey.

What Is CGPA Score?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is a standardized measure of a student’s academic performance, typically used in educational institutions around the world. It is calculated based on the grades obtained in various courses over a specified period.

CGPA To Percentage:

Converting CGPA to a percentage is a common query among students. While the conversion may vary by educational boards and institutions, a general method involves multiplying the CGPA by a conversion factor. For instance, a CGPA of 8 might be equivalent to 80% in a specific conversion scale.

What Is CGPA Score In College?

In college, the CGPA score serves as a comprehensive indicator of a student’s academic prowess. It considers grades from all courses undertaken during a specific academic term or the entire program, providing a holistic view of the student’s performance.

CGPA Example:

For clarity, consider a student who has received the following grades in a semester:

  • Course 1: A (Grade Point 9)
  • Course 2: B (Grade Point 8)
  • Course 3: A (Grade Point 9)

To calculate the CGPA, add the grade points and divide by the number of courses:

CGPA= (9+8+9)/3 =8.67

CGPA फुल फॉर्म:

The term CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It represents an aggregate measure of a student’s performance across multiple courses, providing a comprehensive overview of their academic achievements.

How To Calculate CGPA In University:

Calculating CGPA in a university involves understanding the grading system in place. Typically, universities assign grade points to different letter grades, and the CGPA is calculated by averaging these grade points based on the credit hours of each course.

Sgpa Full Form:

SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average. Unlike CGPA, which considers the overall performance throughout the academic program, SGPA focuses on a student’s performance within a specific semester.

CGPA And Sgpa Difference:

While both CGPA and SGPA are measures of academic performance, the key difference lies in their scope. CGPA provides an aggregate view across the entire academic program, while SGPA zooms in on a student’s performance in a particular semester.

Total CGPA:

Total CGPA is the cumulative result of a student’s academic performance over the entire duration of their program. It is derived by considering the grade points earned in each semester and averaging them to arrive at the total CGPA.


Understanding the CGPA score is essential for students, educators, and employers alike. It serves as a comprehensive indicator of academic achievement, offering insights into a student’s consistency and proficiency in their studies. As students navigate their educational journey, a clear understanding of CGPA and its implications contributes to informed decision-making and sets the stage for future academic and professional endeavors.


How To Calculate CGPA Score?

To calculate the overall CGPA, add the percentages of individual semesters, divide by the total number of semesters, and then divide the result by 9.5. The formula is: CGPA = (Total Percentage ÷ Total Semesters) ÷ 9.5.

What Does CGPA Score Mean?

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average

It is used in schools and colleges to measure overall academic performance of a student. Students are allotted with grades (A,B,C,D, or F). It is an average of grade points obtained for all semester after the course completion up to a given academic term.

How Do I Convert My Gpa To Uk Grades?

Similarly, here are the following grade points for honour classes:

  • First class honours (70+) = 4.0 GPA.
  • Upper Second Class honours (65-69) = 3.7 GPA.
  • Upper Second class honours (60-64) = 3.3 GPA.
  • Lower second class honours (55-59) =3.0 GPA.
  • Lower second class honours (50-54) =2.7 GPA.
  • Third class honours (45-49) = 2.3 GPA.

How Do I Calculate My CGPA Percentage?

Simply multiply your CGPA by 9.5, and you’ll have your percentage. For instance, suppose you have a 9.4 CGPA and need to convert it to a percentage. Multiply it by 9.5, for example, (9.4 X 9.5) = 89.3.

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