Things to keep in mind while inviting guests to your rental flat

Irrespective of where you live, you definitely can invite some guests to your place now and then. After all, guest visits are enjoyable and pleasurable. Movies, table games, shared dinners, and parties are common for an occasional guest visit. It is so because inviting guests is an essential part of our social life.

But what if you are living in a rental flat in Ahmedabad? Is it normal to invite people into an apartment that is not yours? You might be wondering whether your landlords will allow you to welcome whoever you want for as long as you wish. You can invite your favourite people to the rental place where you live. But for this, you have to follow some etiquettes or keep in mind the below things before inviting them. So, to know these, go through the upcoming points.

Inform your landlord

Irrespective of whether your landlord is friendly with you or not, you must inform them before inviting your guests. While inviting, you must be precise about everything and take all the responsibility. Besides, let the owner know about the duration of staying of the invited people to have a great relationship with the landlord of the 1 BHK flats on rent in Hyderabad. Ask the owner questions like who can come to the flat and whether there is any staying duration or not before signing the rental agreement. If you consider these, you can easily avoid future conflicts with the landlord and enjoy yourself with your favourite people by inviting them over to your place.

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Duration of stay

While inviting your guest, you should be clear about the duration of staying off your guests. It is crucial because you can inform the landlord about the same. If your visitor extends your stay duration, you also need to convey the message to your property owner to avoid conflicts. Besides, knowing this also helps you provide extra comfort to your people as you can buy household things and foods depending on their staying period.

Place of comfort

If you stay in any rental flats in Ahmedabad, you cannot do what you like together with your guests. There are many actions that you cannot perform due to restrictions. For instance, if you want to make the place a comfortable zone, you cannot do the structural modifications. Instead, you can only rearrange the stuff to offer a comfortable feeling. Besides, you cannot do a roof party with your invited people if you live in a rental flat. So, keep in mind these tiny but crucial things to maintain a good relationship with the landlord.

Follow house rules

While inviting people to your place, you should follow some basic house rules. For example, ask people about their wake up and sleeping time. If you have pets, they can have problems. Ask them what they like to eat. After all, you are inviting them to offer a pleasant experience. So, if the food you cook is not their choice, all your efforts will go in vain. There is no need to be too formal but get to know what they like. If you do so, you can become a successful host.

The thin line between different kinds of guests

Before you invite your guest to your rental flat, you need to understand the thin line between different kinds of visitors. There are three types of people you can invite. One is normal visitors, two are long-term guests, and the third is unofficial tenants. To know more comprehensively, read the below segment as here we have penned down the meaning of each to help you.

  • Visitors

As you might understand, visitors are those who come for a short period to attend a family dinner or party. They will leave the place as soon as the party or dinner is over. So, people who come and stay for a brief duration fall into this category.

  • Long-term guests

Long-term guests represent elderly parents, relatives, kids, and hired help. They fall into this category because they all come for a specified period and leave by the expected date. But if you invite college kids, they will typically leave your place after the summer or winter break. When it comes to the matter of elderly parents, their stay can be a weekend or a couple of weeks.

  • Unofficial tenants

Apart from normal visitors and long-term guests, the rest of the people you can invite fall into this category. Unofficial tenants include your friends, colleagues, boyfriends or girlfriends, best friends or staying with you in your rental place until they manage to secure a home of their own. For example, your colleague is from another city, and you invite the person to stay in your place. In that case, the person is referred to as an unofficial tenant.In simple words, such visitors are tenants whose names are not on the agreement. Hence, people like these fall into this category.


To wrap up, you will find many 1 BHK flats on rent in Hyderabadwhere you can invite your guests if you follow the above etiquettes. Besides, you also need to understand that from a landlord’s perspective, guests are those who come for a short time. So, if your guests stay for long, you need to clarify the reason to the landlord. Hence, bear in mind these simple things while inviting guests to your rental flat.

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