The Most Common Hardwood Floor Alternatives

Do you have children? If so you’ll know how crazy things can get. Your furniture can wear out more quickly than you would like and you’ll probably have to consider renovating more than you would like. 

Durable wooden floors are not as durable as we would like them even in the best of times. Good hardwood floors are beautiful and last a long time. Though remember this comes at a price. 

So what are some good hardwood floor alternatives that are durable and won’t break the bank? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Real Hardwood Floors Are Dreamy: Try Bamboo

There’s no judgment if you decide to buy hardwood floors. But for many people, they are just that a dream that cannot become a reality. That’s because the reality is they scratch and start wearing out as soon as you get them.  Thankfully, you could consider one of these solutions

One option is to try bamboo floors. Not all bamboo floors are the same as hardwood floors. Bamboo grass is actually harder than grass. 

Bamboo floors are incredibly strong. Beach-woven bamboo floors can reach a staggering 3,000 on the Janka hardness scale. This is double how oak compares. 

This is hard, affordable, and has a base layer of very tough bamboo veneer. Don’t worry, bamboo can be a bit expensive. Fortunately, there are hardwood floors that are equipped with technical products that are suitable for every budget.    

Bamboo floors are a green choice. If you want to make sure everything is above board, grab certifications from the Bamboo Forest Stewardship Council. 

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Cork Floors

Cork floors are resilient enough to absorb shocks, making them ideal for people with back and joint problems. They consist of a mixture of cork and binders. This makes them resistant to wear and tear and one of the best hardwood floor alternatives.

And they are also incredibly durable. Years of popping bottles might make you think that the corks are weak.    

Remember course cork is environmentally friendly. It is made from the cork of the tree itself, which means that the same tree can be harvested for decades. With cork, farmers can eventually reuse the tree for generations.    

The installation options are also varied so that there is something for everyone and everything in between.    

The best cork floor doesn’t have to look like cork. It could be cork tiles, or it could be a corkboard or sheet. Cork floors can be designed to look more like wood, nature, or stone.

This floor can be found at Lowes and Home Depot. When weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of cork and hardwood floors, remember that cork is perhaps the most durable, renewable, and sustainable flooring around.    

It used to be thought that laminate flooring was a kind of fake wooden floor. That’s fine, but laminate flooring is not real wood.  


Laminate has a lot to offer as a flooring alternative to hardwood. It is perhaps the most durable flooring option ever. Kids love it and it is great in their bedrooms as they are growing up.

Laminate does have a bad reputation. Though companies are trying to rectify this. Problems include the fact it can peel off and it can scratch. But these are mainly the very cheap options. With laminate, it is the case that you get what you pay for. 

Remember that there are advances in printing. These make laminate, which is now indistinguishable from the various types of flooring it is designed to mimic.

Laminate is also easy to install. It is a clickable floor that makes the laying of a floating floor easy. There is no need to glue, staple, nail, or click the edges to go in and out.    

What if the cost of replacing carpet with hardwood is too much?  Laminate flooring is a great alternative. You can also have an expert come and install it in the space of an afternoon. 

When attached to a horizontal installation, you can combine different laminate widths and styles. This creates an amazing unique floor for your home. Nonetheless, some hardwood flooring alternatives aren’t quite as glorious.    

Combining Laminate 

Laminates can be easily combined with other floor coverings such as tile laminate and bamboo laminate which are both great flooring alternatives to hardwood.

Nowadays you can buy waterproof laminate flooring from Mohawks. If you compare vinyl plank to laminate, you’ll find that laminate is missing in the waterproof section, but does the rest pretty well. Vinyl was last in vogue when it was invented in the 1970s but it’s coming back into fashion. 

It is durable, comfortable to walk on, affordable, and waterproof. Vinyl flooring will be the most popular alternative to hardwood flooring in 2021. It is also the easiest floor to lay, and most LVT (vinyl flooring) floors are equipped with a clipped floor. Vinyl floorboards are the best vinyl floorboards on the market and often the most popular.

Hardwood Floor Alternatives Are Great 

While wood is amazing, there are many other fantastic types of flooring to choose from.

Hardwood can get scratched so easily. We all live busy lives and with various lockdowns and homeworking implemented across the country, your wooden floor might have taken a battering this year and aged more than it usually would. 

Don’t worry though. There are plenty of hardwood floor alternatives. Safe with the knowledge in this article you can get ready to find your perfect floor. If you are wondering how to replace the flooring in your home then consider cork or laminate.

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