How to put your sports club in the spotlight

You want to make your sports club visible to a larger audience but you don’t know how to target them? Think of offline advertising. With offline advertisement you can find your target group more easily. 

Cooperate with restaurants

Make agreements with local restaurants so that these companies also benefit. Have special napkins printed for match days, for example. With local catering actions, you can promote your club to your target group. Very handy because you create a win-win situation.

Go to sports fairs

At sports fairs you come across the target group you want to reach: sports fans, but also potential sponsors. You can make relevant presentation binders for potential sponsors with sufficient information.

Hang flags

Flags are ideal for a sports club. You show from a distance where the flag belongs to. So you can put up flags and mark that your sports club is present.

Sell posters

Selling posters with your club is very ideal. This is because you promote your club and make money. With the money you earn, you can invest more money in your advertisement.

You can advertise competitions by distributing flyers. You put flyers through people’s mailboxes or hand them out at busy places. This way people know which games are on offer. 

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Balloon madness

You can also hang a big load of balloons around your location. In this way, you attract the attention of the public. Balloons also create a festive atmosphere. The more the better.

So get to work right away and advertise to your target group.

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