How to Prepare for the CGPSC Exam Under Pressure?

With lakhs of candidates appearing for the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (CGPSC) exam, the competition for the exam is witnessing a whopping rise. This rising competition is increasing pressure on the candidates to give their best in order to outdo others. 

A little stress can be a good thing; it can be the motivational push that we need to get things done. However, sometimes it feels that we are under heaps of pressure to score good marks. This pressure might trick us into thinking we’re unprepared, even though we might have spent hours studying and even followed all of the exam tips we know. Unfortunately, because of this pressure, many of us end up underperforming in this crucial exam.

Do not worry! Facing PSC exams is certainly an intimidating situation, and we need to learn how to cope with pressure while preparing for the CGPSC exam. The key to performing well under pressure is to march forward with the right mindset for exams. This article will walk you through everything you need to keep in mind to perform well under pressure while preparing, as well as when you step into the exam hall to sit for the most coveted exam. Read on and gear up to do your best.

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5 Tips to Outperform in CGPSC Exam When Under Pressure

  1. Self-belief is what you need the most – You may feel under confident oftentimes, but the tipping point towards success is believing in yourself and in your abilities. There is ample knowledge within you that can help you ace that exam easily, but it often gets buried under self-doubt. Whenever you have questions about your ability, just think of the time and effort you have put into covering that extensive syllabus. Recall the sense of success you felt when you were finally able to solve that tough problem. Focus on what you know rather than mourning what you do not know.
  2. Keep yourself happy – Happiness is a habit and not an effect as most people would like to think. Nothing causes a person to be happy; you are happy because you want to be. So, you must never stop wanting to be happy. Look for what you can do to become a much happier person each day. A positive mindset is the key.
  3. Don’t do it all alone – Studying alone sometimes can be a typical path. Candidates become easily bored, tired, or confused when studying alone. Studying with peers is an effective technique and solution to this problem. At times, studying with peers is considered time-wasting most of the time. However, it may do wonders when done correctly to increase the learning capacity, gain a new perspective on the topic, etc. It allows individuals to better absorb their own notes. Furthermore, the emotional benefits of social support tend to include a better sense of confidence and autonomy.
  4. It is a challenge and not a threat – The major reason that candidates are under pressure when they prepare or perform in the exam is they take the examinations as a threat. They think of ‘what if I go wrong’ rather than ‘what I can do right’. Do not take the Chhattisgarh PCS exam as a threat rather it is a new challenge for you that you have to overcome. To up your performance, you have to think it this way and reduce your fear of failure.
  5. Prefer calming over cramming – Studying at the last minute will do nothing good but definitely form a jumbled mess in your head. Never try to cram the whole syllabus during the last few hours, thinking that you will learn something. Believe it: that is totally false hope. Draw a line at a certain point in time to stop studying. No need to study or revise: simply relax, have a good sleep, and some quality downtime will actually help you perform better, as it can give your brain enough time to process and retain information.

Performance is a combination of intelligence and your state of mind. While you keep acquiring more knowledge focusing on the completion of the CGPSC syllabus, if your state of mind is not right, it is of no avail. So, handling pressure during exams is very important. Do not over-focus on the task that you end up stressing yourself instead, look beyond the task that needs to be accomplished and look yourself beyond the process; this will motivate you. Also, you deserve a calm and peaceful mind, body and soul; hence, let nothing take away your peace of mind. Take corrective steps to avoid any such problems that might be hampering your  preparation. Just be calm, composed, cheerful and jolly.

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