Does the domain decide the SEO ranking? An expert SEO agency reveals!

If there is any word around that has taken the most toss, it’s SEO. People consider it to be the holy grail for fame. If taken rightly, it opens the golden gate for companies. When it comes to SERP rankings, many factors show their impact around it. Among all those many ranking factors, there is one that does not get much attention. It is the Domain. You might get the best SEO agency, but your domain might hit you back. We spoke to Blurn about it. Blurn is one of the best SEO agencies in Australia. Here is what got revealed around Domain being a ranking factor.

Factors related to Domain that impact SERP ranking!

The modern world is going through a drastic change. It is going digital with full pace at feet. Where people wanted to rank their business in the physical world earlier, they now want to rank it digitally.

When it comes to digital fame, it is not easy at all. There are many factors that search engines pass the websites through before ranking them accordingly. This is the reason people look for the best SEO agency around them to take some help. However, there is something that people often ignore. And it costs them much. These are things related to their domain.

So, what are the factors related to the domain that impacts

  • Domain Age
  • Domain Authority
  • The name of domain
  • The history of domain

Domain Age as a ranking factor!

Would you believe a person who has just come to this world or someone who has been here for a long time? A person who has been here for a long time indeed. There is experience. There is a pool of knowledge that the person has gained in time. This same thing happens in the field of the internet. A quarter-million websites get published every day according to the data. Thus, you cannot just believe them all.

Which website will you choose between one just registered and the one that has been here for 5 years? However, you cannot just believe blindly the one which is 5 years old. This is the reason why many other factors come to the question. But here is another scenario!

Suppose there is a domain that is 20 years old. But the thing is that it has not posted much in those 20 years. Now, here is another domain that is 1 year old which has posted much more good quality content. Here, the domain age won’t matter. It only works when two websites are equal in terms of all the other factors except their age.

Now. There are a few other things related to the domain that holds an influence.

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Domain Authority comes prime!

DA is a rating that tells about the authority of a website around a subject. It is a metric that was developed by Moz to help people know where their websites stand. It is very similar to PageRank which is an algorithm developed by Google to know the authority or influence of domains and pages.

If many websites with higher PageRank or DA and PA scores are linking to your own domain, then your domain will likely to gain a position on the SERP. It is like you are new in the town, and then with time some personalities have started talking about you. This will indicate that you have something in you.

The history sheet of your Domain!

No matter how finely you behave in the present, if you have a flawed past, people will always look at you with suspicion. The history of a person, or anything, works like a piece of glass through which judgment goes through.

This same theory works in the case of websites. If a website has a bad past, chances are that it would be ranked accordingly. Bad websites turned good are like criminals that behave well. We cannot put limitations on them but we can not look at them cleanly either.

If you are buying an aged domain, you must make sure that its history sheets are clean and well. If not, you might harm your own self. Blurn is one of the best SEO agencies in Australia and it advises to stay away from the bad digital guys.

Furthermore, you need to perform white hat methods and follow the guidelines to stay clean in the long term too. For this, you need to have the best SEO agency to help you out. Do not look at it as some cost but an investment that will give you returns.

Domain names will impact SERP!

We once were discussing how we can make google pick a website that is about pizza bases. There were different advises hovering around. But one of them was somewhat strange. It was about naming the website just as people search it. What about or It seemed great at first, but then the truth came up.

Back in the early 2000s, this used to be a great tactic. People were naming their websites with exact keywords. But then it was all in the urge to manipulate the search engine. And Google does not like manipulations. This is the reason that having a domain name matching with the exact keyword is considered blackhat. This is something you would always want to avoid.

Can the best SEO agency help you improve your domain?

When your domain is fairly new, it is like an infant upon the digital lawns. It needs nourishment and care to grow towards bliss. The domain must always stay clean of any warning or penalty. It will improve the trust score of your domain. Furthermore, if domains with high authority scores are linking to you, your domain has a good chance to grow.

But to get inbound links from high-quality domains is not an easy task. You need to get the expertise of the best SEO agency, Australia to walk over this tough bridge. If you ask for our suggestion then we say that Blurn is one of the best SEO agencies in Australia. You may see their different affordable plans and choose the one that best fits you.

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