Best Fielder in the World: Top 10 Best Fielder in the World Right Now

In a cricket match, a batsman and a bowler are as important as a fielder. As the formats of cricket became shorter, the fielder became more critical in the game. When we see batting in a cricket match or see a bowler bowling, we enjoy it a lot. Similarly, we want a fielder doing good fielding.

Many games in cricket history witness that even based on Good fielding decisions of the match can be changed. Now we can understand that builders play a significant role in an international cricket match. In this article, we will tell you about the best fielders in the game of cricket, who has played an excellent fielding role for his team in his entire career.

List of Best Fielder in the World All Time:

  1. Jonty Rhodes ( South Africa )
  2. AB de Villiers ( South Africa ) 
  3. Ricky Ponting ( Australia )
  4. Herschelle Gibbs ( South African )
  5. Andrew Symonds ( Australia )
  6. Paul Collingwood ( England )
  7. Ravindra Jadeja ( India )
  8. Steve Smith ( Australia )
  9. Suresh Raina ( India )
  10. Faf du Plessis ( South Africa )

#1. Jonty Rhodes

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Cricket legend Ricky Ponting described Jonty Rhodes as “the best defensive fielder of all time”. Very few people know him in the current cricket world. We have ranked him number one on our list of the Exceptional fielders in the world.

He is known for his excellent fielding inside the 30-yard circle, has excellent fielding ability near Jonty Road, and uses this ability well. He had run out Inzamam-ul-Haq in the 1992 Cricket World Cup, he was one of the most famous runouts at that time.

Australian player Jonty Rhodes has excellent pace, athletic dives and gun throw. All three mean the ability to run, turn and throw the ball rapidly. Jonty Rhodes is considered different from other areas.

#2. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers is currently regarded as one of the Favourite fielders in cricket and the second-best fielder in the history of cricket after Jonty Rhodes. AB de Villiers has also shown in many matches why he is considered the complete fielder in the world, taking the best catch in RCB’s match against Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL.

AB de Villiers is known for his excellent fielding within 30 yards and near the boundary. AB de Villiers took a brilliant catch of Rohit Sharma in the home test of South Africa in 2018. AB de Villiers has played a Fantastic fielder for his team, and he has taken many wickets in a stellar manner in many matches.

#3. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is considered one of the best fielders in the Australian team. As we told you earlier, Ricky Ponting has described Jonty Rhodes as “the best defensive fielder of all time.” He is a very aggressive player in the Australian cricket team.

But Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting is also considered one of the best fielders in the world, so we have ranked him third in the list of best fielders in the world. Australian cricket team Ricky Ponting loves to field at backward points.

Australian fielder Ricky Ponting can recognize the movements of the batsmen. Based on this experience, he can field the best in his place. Ricky Ponting is capable of fielding within 30 yards and also near the boundary.

#4. Herschelle Gibbs

Like Jonty Rhodes, Herschelle Gibbs is little known because he has been the best fielder of the decade when cricket was seen and played a lot. But we have placed him fourth in the list of best fielders in the world. He is the second African player after Jonty Rhodes.

He is considered one of the best fielders in South Africa. He has excellent fielding experience within 30 yards, and on the boundary, he was known to save runs and deliver amazing run-outs from the South African team.

He once caught Steven Smith in the 1999 World Cup, but he threw the ball up and missed in the second attempt after seeing the ball, which cost him dearly. But we can’t blame a player’s career because of a mistake.

#5. Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds is Australia’s second-best fielder after Ricky Ponting. He also bats in the middle order and bowls at a medium pace for Australia. But as a fielder, he is considered very effective.

He has saved many runs for his team in his international career playing for the Australia team and has also scored many excellent runouts. He used to guess the ball as soon as the batsman played and then used his Brilliant fielding skills.

He was able to field within 30 yards and near the boundary and was too greedy for the ball, which meant he threw the ball quickly towards the wicket and significantly increased the batsman’s chances of running out.

People also ask

Who is the No 1 fielder in the world?

Jonty Rhodes is considered the best fielder in the world, with Ricky Ponting calling him “the best defensive fielder of all time”. Jonty Rhodes is known for fielding within 30 yards. He saved a lot of runs for his team on the strength of his fielding and also scored a lot of run-outs. He had run out Pakistan player Inzamam-ul-Haq in the 1992 World Cup, which is considered the best run out of that time.

Who is the current best fielder in the world?

At present, the Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja is considered to be an outstanding fielder. Ravindra Jadeja is capable of fielding within 30 yards and on the boundary. He showcased his brilliance against Pakistan in the 2017 Champions Trophy, is regarded as the best all-rounder in the Indian cricket team, and has rarely dropped a catch in international cricket. Ravindra Jadeja has won the Indian team many times on the strength of his fielding.

Who is the best fielder in India?

  • Ravindra Jadeja
  • Virat Kohli
  • Suresh Raina
  • Hardik Pandya
  • Mohammad Kaif
  • Yuvraj Singh
  • Kapil Dev

Who is the most dangerous fielder in the world?

During the IPL, Faf du Plessis has admitted that the Indian cricket team player Ravindra Jadeja is currently the world’s most dangerous fielder. Indian player Ravindra Jadeja has improved his batting Ability, bowling, and fielding skills over the years and is presently considered a top-class all-rounder. Ravindra Jadeja has changed the results of the match many times based on his throw and impossible catches. 

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