Auto accident in Las Vegas: Find a trusted legal ally

Mishaps and crashes happen often on the ever-busy streets of Las Vegas. Besides road and weather conditions, negligence is a leading cause of auto accidents in the city. If you sustained injuries in such a crash, remember that Nevada is a fault state. The driver who failed to act responsibly and caused the accident is directly accountable for the financial losses suffered by the victims. Before you start the claims process to recover compensation from the other party’s insurance carrier, consider finding an attorney. Auto accident legal advice in Las Vegas should come from an injury lawyer who is based in the city. Here are a few basic pointers to consider.

Interview the lawyer

If you have found a few potential names, consider asking for an appointment. When you meet an attorney for the initial consultation, ask the following questions –

  1. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to auto accident claims?
  2. Do you also deal with truck accident cases?
  3. Are you personally available to fight for my claim?
  4. What is your success rate? What are your benchmark cases so far?
  5. Can you take the case to trial? If yes, how often do you deal with litigation?
  6. What is your overview of my claim?
  7. Do you expect the matter to settle through mediation or negotiation?
  8. What factors can impact the compensation?
  9. If I had a share in the fault, how would that aspect influence the outcome?
  10. Can you tell me about similar lawsuits you have worked on?

Consider the comfort level

Talking about an accident that has changed your life isn’t easy. You should feel comfortable asking the attorney about state laws in Nevada and your rights. They should also make an effort to explain the dos and don’ts you must follow for the given situation. Also, don’t forget to check whether the lawyer has time for the meeting. It is not a positive sign if they are in a rush or assigned the initial consultation to an associate.

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Check ratings

You should also ask the law firm for a few client references and must check testimonials on their website. There are legal sites that have ratings and reviews of local firms and attorneys in Las Vegas, and you can use the information to sort options. You can also find details on social media, while Google reviews can also come in handy.

Get an attorney immediately because you just have two years to file a lawsuit after a car crash in Nevada.

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