4 Ways to Optimise for Voice Search in 2022

Voice search is taking over the digital world by storm. And the Land Down Under is no exception. In 2018, a study revealed that 1.35 million Australians had a smart speaker: an astounding 200% increase from the number of smart speaker owners just four months before the survey was conducted. It simply showed how quickly Aussies have adapted to voice technology.
Once the smart speakers are in their hands, the use of such devices has been frequent. Now, most Australians are using voice to search for things online instead of typing words. Thus, SEO services in Brisbane are working hard to develop the best strategies to optimise businesses for voice search.
So, what are the ways that will help brands rank higher in voice search next year?
Optimise for mobile.
One of the most important things you can do to optimise for voice search is mobile-first. After all, a significant percentage of voice searches are done on mobile. And, 45.2% of internet traffic in Australia in January 2021 came from mobile phones.
Thus, it would be best if you made your website and content more responsive to mobile devices. Doing so ensures more visibility in the online world, increasing brand awareness and driving your business to success.
Improve your website speed.
Internet speed matters greatly. So, whether on mobile or not, your website should be quick loading. Remember, most internet users expect websites to load for a maximum of 2 seconds only. So, if your page loads slower than that, don’t expect your visitors to stay.
Check your loading speed on Google PageSpeed Insights and promptly fix errors if you find any.

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Optimise for local SEO and create a Google my Business profile.
Do you know that 30% of mobile searches are related to location? In fact, many Australians use voice search to find places to eat in nearby areas and get specific services nearby.
This goes to show how important optimising for local search is. And voice search goes hand in hand with it. Thus, as SEO services in Brisbane emphasise, you must claim your Google My Business listing and provide precise details about your business.
Have a FAQs section and give clear concise answers.

Having a FAQs page makes your website helpful and informative. It allows you to provide answers to specific questions that many people ask.
After all, most people who use voice search tend to ask questions that begin in what, where, why, and how, which are what the most frequently asked questions usually start with. And if you create clear, concise, and relevant answers to such questions, you increase your chances of ranking higher in the search engine result pages.
Having a question and answer content is like having your featured snippet – something that Google values.
The advances in voice technology are pretty impressive. For example, speech recognition is now 95% accurate—a striking thing to note considering the accent in Australia. And there are many voice search devices that people can choose from, too.
It’s only a matter of time before voice search overtakes traditional online search methods. So, before that happens, your business needs to be prepared.
Make sure your Brisbane digital marketing team optimises your website for voice search so it ranks higher than others and gains the most advantages. By making use of the most powerful techniques for voice optimisation, you will surely reach success.

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